💡 September Real Estate Market Update

On average, home prices in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have increased in the past year. However, it's important to realize that these changes in home values can be quite different depending on which specific neighborhood in the GTA. Some areas might have experienced more significant increases in property values, while others may have had more modest or even slight decreases.

Furthermore, this points out that during the summer and early fall, the housing market was in a more balanced state. At that time, there were more homes available for sale compared to the number of homes actually being sold. In this kind of market condition, potential buyers might have had more room to negotiate, and this could also affect how home values change in different neighborhoods across the GTA.

Selling a home might take a bit longer than it used to. This is mainly because there are more homes available for sale compared to the number of potential buyers in the market. The exact duration it takes to sell your home can be influenced by various factors, including the specific neighborhood where your property is situated, its condition, and the price you decide to ask for it.

It's also important to note that a period during the summer and early fall when the housing market was in a more balanced state, with more homes listed for sale compared to the number being sold. In such a market scenario, homes typically take a bit more time to sell compared to a seller's market, where properties sell quickly. Therefore, the time it takes to sell your home can be influenced by these market dynamics and local factors.

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Pumpkin Carving Ideas for a Scary Gourd Look This Halloween 🎃

Halloween is coming in a few months, and that means pumpkins, gourds, and jack-o'-lanterns. To get you inspired, we've made a list of three great pumpkin carving ideas.

 Pumpkins with Personality

Watch out, these cheerful pumpkins are gazing in your direction! Make holes for the eyes in a pumpkin and place plastic eyeballs inside to give it a spooky, staring expression.

Hungry Jack

Eating apples can help you stay away from scary stuff! Carve creative eyes and a mouth on an empty pumpkin. Take two squashes, remove their ends, and place one in each eye hole. Cut teeth from the leftover ring and secure them with toothpicks. Draw a face on an apple using a permanent marker and put it in your pumpkin's mouth.


To create a spooky pumpkin face, draw eyes, a mouth, and a scar on the pumpkin with a marker. Cut along the scar line, scoop out seeds, and carve the eyes and mouth. Wipe off the marker, make pairs of holes along the scar, and insert bent Q-tips. Finish with olive eyes on toothpicks.